Successful weight loss starts with self-love.

Hey beautiful! Join the Body Love Journey, a 2-month virtual retreat to detox, love and embrace your beautiful body! Enough with fear-based diets and self-hatred... You're ready to love yourself! <3

Your body isn't a number of pounds that just thinks in calories...

It's the temple to the Goddess that YOU are! Popular diets and fitness plans fail and damage us because they're designed out of fear, not out of LOVE, nor do they respect our body's chemistry. More importantly, they don't account for the MAJOR impact of our emotional and spiritual bodies onto our physical one. During your 2-Month Body Love Journey with us, you'll learn how to master these powerful dimensions so you can live fully and make peace with your heart, mind and body. You're about to meet your sexiest, happiest, and healthiest self! Finally!

Life-Changing Exercises

Every week, you'll receive crystal clear, step-by-step tips and exercises in your Member's Library to easily apply our transformative techniques. You'll know exactly "how" to clean your body, loose that excess weight and reveal your Goddess body. We'll do a group fast and detox. Social accountability and support with your sisters will help you attain your goal!

8 Coaching Sessions

Join your sisters from Bali without the crazy costs of a fancy health retreat, yet all the benefits for your transformation. You'll be supported by powerful and compassionate healers, nutrition experts and coaches to guide you on your journey. Ask questions at anytime and watch the replays whenever you wish to. We are here for you, fully devoted to your results. 

Custom Detox + Meal Plan

What's your preferred diet? What's your goal? Tell us more about you and let us give you the exact nutritional plan and detox techniques to clean the past, start fresh, and eat clean, healing, vibrant food. For once, making the right choice will be easy and delicious! View the Lotus and Phoenix packages below and we'll contact you to get started. 

The Body Love Formula™: Our weekly schedule

We've combined years of coaching, healing secrets and self-growth wisdom to bring you the very best path to reveal your life's best body, aligned with your happiest heart and mind. The uniqueness of this approach is how comprehensive it is. Here's what we'll cover each week during your live Body Love coaching sessions:

Week 1: Deep Cleanse Your Emotional Traumas

First, we explore why a tragic 91% of women hate their bodies and how to turn that around. We then clean up toxic influences, in our lives and on social media, and forgive those who have hurt our self-confidence out of their own pain. We find peace with past traumas and let go of emotional weight. By changing our energy, we start re-shaping out body, our body being a physical manifestation of our metaphysical self and emotions.

Week 2: Know The Truth About Food & Your Body's Chemistry

Then, we learn about the energetic and chemical impact of sugar, gluten, dairy, etc. You will now know the facts. By changing your perspective on food and by understanding chemistry, it becomes so fun and easy to make healthy, self-loving choices. No dogma, just science, ethics and logic! We also give you your meal plans and explore our gastrointestinal track so you're able to visualize exactly what happens when we eat, and fix it where needed, if you struggle with constipation or bloating, for example.It’s mind-blowing, you'll see! Your body is truly a divine machine.

Week 3: Overcome Emotional Eating & Make Peace with Food

Numbing our emotions with food is extremely common, and it’s core to our culture. We see overeating as a celebration, as a gift to our body, whereas it makes our body work too hard and age faster... We'll learn how to appreciate food again, and choose habits that properly nourish our emotional and spiritual bodies, so that we feel full, for good. By working on our inside first, we'll realize that our behaviors are reflections of our mind's state. That's where the magic is at.

Week 4: Detox From Your Past 

Now that we've started to eat clean, we can purge from our past, YES! This will feel sooo good: to detoxify on a physical and on an emotional level. Here's the deal: no matter how well we eat and exercise, if our colon stays congested and our liver and kidneys can't filter toxins out, we'll fight symptoms all of our life without treating the root cause of it. We must detox first so that our new choices can reveal our best body, ever! We'll guide you on a juice fast and on a liver flush. So powerful! You'll feel light, vibrant and divine… Yes, like a Goddess!

Week 5: Adopt Self-Loving Fitness & Breathing Practices

Look at this incredible fact: 85% of the fat gets out through the breathe! Breathing, feeding our cells with oxygen and keeping the lymph moving are essential to stay clean, healthy and happy. We'll explore practices that keep our mind, heart and body fit. No more fear-based fitness... We can't stick to painful practices, that's an old paradigm. No pain, all gain! It has to be blissful and healthy on all levels. That’s how Goddesses move through life and into their light bodies.

Week 6: Practice Self-Love like a Goddess

Ohh! We're getting into the fun, juicy stuff Sister :). Self-care is the expression of self-love, and we'll share with you the most beautiful ways to celebrate your divine vessel, from ancient rituals to cutting-edge techniques, you'll be glowing like the Goddess that you are. Oh and by loving yourself so well, it'll be so easy for others to love you like you deserve to be. You don't have to wait for anyone to feel fully loved. It all starts within ourselves.

Week 7: Embrace Your Sexuality

Sexual energy is so powerful, and it's been kept away from women for centuries, making us feel ashamed of the beautiful life force running through us. A sexual woman is called a "slut", when in fact, she's alive, and vibrant. Since our body is energy, letting this life force flow through us is essential to feel good, to feel God, and all the love trying to come through us. We'll heal our feminine powers, activate and amplify them to bring peace and love into our bodies and in the world. It's not about having sex with people, it's about being conscious and at peace with our sexual energy and our divine creative powers. 

Week 8: Embody The Goddess

And for the closing ceremony, we'll see how the more we connect to Source Energy and embody divine qualities, such as abundance, creativity, and unconditional love, so will our body reflect this and naturally be healthy, light and clean. Our thoughts create our reality, our perspective shape what we see, and so now we choose to create life and beauty. Our ego will be at peace, and we will let God work through us, and "be" us. We will now embody the divine and reveal the Goddesses we were born as. Self-love will flow, infinitely, and as a result, our bodies will be the best they've ever been, because our source is all love and well-being.

Ready to Detox, Heal and Glow?

Imagine all that you will be once you fully Embody your soul and love your body! Self-love changes everything... The love you receive is a reflection of the love you feel for yourself. The "How" is in this journey. THIS is the program you've been praying for. Get on it! <3

"Dearest Anna, There is an English saying, "Ignorance is bliss" well as that may be in lots of situation, I can honestly say its not the case for me. Your knowledge of the bodies requirements are phenomenal. When I first met you I was overweight, lethargic and felt constantly bloated. I'm now 10 kilos lighter have more energy and feel so much better within myself. You re-educated me and showed me how to eat healthy alternatives killing that sugar fix we all crave from time to time. Thank you so much for your life-changing guidance."

Consultant, France

"You changed my life and awoke me to a vision of my body that finally aligns with the truth. My heart, body and spirit have been relieved from all the pain I endured. I thank God for having guided my eyes to find you. I thank you endlessly, from the bottom of my heart, and I'm grateful to be shown, once again, that God orchestrates this incredible perfection and that we have the power to come back to it. "

Dubai, UAE

"Whereas I always fought my body thinking it was all about calories and sugar, you showed me the power of emotions, the impact of the "metaphysical" on my physical self. I finally allowed myself to feel, and let go of emotions. I realized that my fat was... fear. What we see on the scale is just a symptom of our inner storm. Thank you for guiding me on this path to open my heart, let go and lose weight in the most self-loving way, and I wish that to every woman in the world. "

San Francisco, California

Meet Your Personal Team of Healers & Coaches

We're here to help your reveal the very best you, your healthiest, happiest self, your inner Goddess. Experienced, devoted, and loving guides:


Bonjour! I'm an experienced Health Coach and Certified Naturopath who's saved hundreds of lives with the power of plants, including my own. I healed myself from ovarian cancer, and I now share the power of herbs and food with smart people like you. I coach women to love their bodies and recover their physical integrity with detox protocols and yummy clean food. I'm so passionate about my work and it will be a true honor to guide you on your healing path. 


Hi! I'm the founder of Embody, and your facilitator for this life-changing journey you're about to join. I'm an award-winning serial entrepreneur and author who's been on a self-growth healing path for years (what a ride!), and I'm devoted to healing the feminine collective. I've gathered the most powerful tools and people here for you to fall in love with yourself. I'm so excited to get to know you and to help you see and feel all your beauty and glory. See you in the journey. xo


Hello :) I'm a Certified Ontological Coach who's holding transformative retreats all around the world with The One Heart Tribe, helping people find alignment, self-acceptance, so they can achieve their highest purpose. I am so excited to help you purge your past, let go of emotional traumas that are affecting your physical body. I am a living proof of the power of manifestation and the Law of Attraction, so we'll discuss that to help you guide your thoughts towards self-love and you'll see, your body will transform!

We're driven by YOUR real-life results, focused on the "HOW"

Sure, everyone tells us to love ourselves and get fit with this tea, pill and magic diet. We've tried it all, their ways just don't work, they wanted to sell us something to calm our fear of "not being enough". So "how" do we get clean, fit and realize our true beauty? Every module of the Body Love Journey contains facts, education, the "What", and then super clear, transformative, science-based exercises to make it happen, to feel your body and heart shift, to get the full benefits. It's all about the "HOW". What makes us excited is to KNOW you'll loose the weight you've been struggling to lose (as long as you do the work!), and win years of happiness and healthy sexiness! You'll be so hot and radiant... <3

My Body Love Story

In the past while living in Los Angeles, I tried diet pills, weight loss teas, I hired a personal trainer, I started each day on a scale pinching my fat, and I kept struggling to love my body. Nothing worked; i came back to emotional eating and “felt fat”. I had to make a big change…

I moved to Ubud in Bali and worked with the world’s best health coaches, nutritionists and energy healers. My mind, heart and body have shifted, forever. Knowing how life-changing this journey has been, it’s my mission to bring it to you in the most accessible way, to help you fully love your divine body and live with boundless happiness and confidence.

I’m sharing life-changing tips with you and much, much more in the Body Love Journey. I pray that you’re ready to live fully, and let this emotional weight go. We need your sexiest, happiest self, and we’re here to help you get there right now. Some tips require real work, and we’ll support you in your transition. It’s time women help each other and stop the jealousy and comparison game. We’re sisters and we’ll rise together. 

What will be YOUR body love story?

Warm hug,


Are you committed to yourself? Are you done with painful diets?

We're giving you all we got for the most accessible price, yet asking just enough to honor our devoted work and get you to commit to love your body, now and forever. You are ready to reveal your inner Goddess!

8 Coaching sessions: $1200.00
Private Nutritionist Consultation: $150.00
Personalized Health & Meal Program: $300.00
7-Day Detox Plan: $250.00
Guided Fast and Liver Flush with one-on-one support: $500.00
The Bible of Self-Love eBook: $20.00 
Free Private Facebook Group Access

Total Value: $2420.00 

Your Price: See Options Below :) 

101% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Life-time access. All created with love for you!

101% Money Back Guarantee

Imagine all you will be and do once you fully love your body! Imagine all the blockages you are about to release... How much is it worth to you? If you're still unsure, know that we're 100% devoted to help your transform your life, heal your body and love yourself like never before. If, for any reason, you don't feel like we honored the price you payed, we'll refund you 101% of the costs + you keep all the content. That's how much we care about your satisfaction.

How will Body Love Journey go?

Maybe you've dreamed of joining a fancy detox and yoga retreat in Bali, fasting in an Indian ashram, yet taking weeks off and paying thousands of dollars to fly around may be hard to do now. We get it! That's why the Virtual Retreat formula is so great for you. Here's how it'll go, and it'll be so much fun!:

  1. Choose your package below this section based on your needs and desired investment, the Butterfly, Lotus or Phoenix one. 
  2. Once your self-love investment is completed, you'll receive an email from us to log in your's Library and you'll see the class's 8 modules. This is where the Exercises and Theory are shared. You'll have forever access.
  3. You'll then receive access to the Body Love Private Facebook Group, where we have a safe community to express ourselves and support each other to attain our health goals. Support and accountability are key to succeed!
  4. If you take the Lotus or Phoenix packages, we'll email you personally to set up times to do your health assessment, private coaching calls with your Health Coach, Nutritionist, whichever is included in your package. 
  5. We'll also answer questions within the Body Love Private Facebook Group.
  6. At the end of the last coaching call, we'll re-visit our intention and goal and provide recommendations to support you even after the Journey.
  7. If, for any reason, you are not 110% satisfied with the content received, we'll refund you. There are no risks for you to join us. The risk is to continue this war against your body. Choose your package now, it's the gift you deserve. <3 

The Power of Social Support and The Sisterhood Special

Most diets are draining, especially when they cut off from other people. That's why want to make it easier for us to support each other with the Private Facebook Group, sharing our challenges and victories, our questions and insights. *And*, we're giving you a 20% discount if you bring in a friend, 30% if you bring 2 friends. Email me at [email protected] with your friends' names and I'll send you your discount!

Flexible Options for All Goddesses

Ahhh, we are so excited to be able to offer the magic of a transformative virtual retreat for such accessible prices, and we are honored by your trust. Every woman deserves to love her body. Choose now, and remember, your happiness and complete satisfaction with the program are 101% guaranteed. + You get lifetime access to all the journey's content.



2-Month program including 8 Virtual Coaching Sessions

Access to Private Facebook Group for social support and online questions

Lifetime access to the Theory and Weekly Exercises in your's Library

Detox & Fast Program with simple recipes and clear protocols to achieve your goal

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1 hr Private Consultation with Nutritionist

1 hr Private Consultation with Body Love Coach

Customized Health and Weight-Loss Program

8 Virtual Coaching Sessions

Access to Private Facebook Group for social support and online questions

Lifetime access to the Theory and Weekly Exercises in your's Library

7 Day Juicing Fast Plan 

Liver Flush & Detox Program

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1 hr Private Consultation with Nutritionist

Customized Health and Meal Program

8 weekly Private Coaching sessions to ensure your success and weight loss goal

2 Month Program with 8 Virtual Coaching Sessions

Access to Private Facebook Group for social support and online questions

Lifetime access to the Theory and Weekly Exercises in your's Library

7 Day Juicing Fast Plan 

Liver Flush & Detox Program

Custom Detox and Weight-Loss Meal Plan

Text-Message Support during Fast to ensure your full success!

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Still unsure? It's okay :) 

Oh, we totally get it. A real change and a formula that actually work feels too good to be true. But it's true, and it's sooo good! If you want to have a taste of what we'll discuss, get your FREE Starter Program, The Best 8 Self-Loving Weight Loss Secrets, by clicking this beautiful button here: 

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Oh forcing yourself at the gym or this diet might work for a while, but anything we do for others, out of fear of not being enough, will never work in the long run. Learn about your body, nutrition, and the most powerful self-love practices. Transform your life today!


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