The Truth About Tampons & Healthy Alternatives

beauty health ritual Jul 30, 2017

Hi Goddesses,

It is time to talk about how we take care of our yoni every month during our moon, i.e. period. 

We can’t imagine how toxic can be pad or tampon to our body until we truly experience their damage like the TSS (toxic shock syndrome), where women are cut from their divine nature because of the use of those highly chemical toxic products, which are protected by the governmental law, as they do not need to specify the ingredient list.

Have you ever seen the ingredients list on a pad box? Perhaps you haven't, so let me show it to you now, because you deserve to know what goes in your body:

·      Dioxin

·      Genetically modified organisms

·      Pesticides

·      The equivalent of about four plastic bags

·      Synthetic fibers

·      Petrochemical additives

·       BPA

·       BPS 

·      Phthalates 

·      DEHP

·      Crude oil plastics

·      Chlorine

·      Trihalomethane

 All those products are all recognized as highly toxic carcinogenic and hormonal disruptors for the human race by the FDA.

The most commune symptoms of using pads or tampon from the “actual market”:

·      Sudden high fever

·      Low blood pressure

·      Muscle aches

·      Vomiting

·      Seizures

·      Redness of your eyes, mouth and/or throat

·      Diarrhea

·      Rash on palms or soles of feet

·      Staphylococcus aureus

·      Birth defects

·      Dryness

·      Infertility

·      Endometriosis

·      Cramps

The list is very long, so please take the responsibility for your body, protect your yoni it is the door to human creation and uses one of those possibilities when you are on your moon.

·      Mermaid Sponge

·      Menstrual Cup

·      Panty Liners organic

·      Organic washable pads

·      Organic Period underwear

·      Organic pure natural cotton tampon

 Every woman has different needs and will prefer one of these options more than others.

My recommendation is to try them all for one full cycle and see which one is better for you.

My personal choice is turned toward the Mermaid Sponge, as you can see in the picture. It is easy to insert, to wash, you really can’t feel it when you wear it, it can be used during sexual intercourses, it is 100% natural sea sponge, it lasts forever, so it is ecological and finally it allows you to wear any clothes you want without having anyone noticing you are on your moon, not even your partner!  I am highly recommending it to all my clients every day!

 Happy Moon Time!


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