How to Support Your Inner Flow & Digestion

beauty health Jul 27, 2017

The most powerful and accessible detox process is our very own digestion. Our intelligent body works for us 24/7, which in itself is a gift. It works as hard as it can, however much trouble we cause it... 

Here's a hard truth to stomach: 27% of women are highly constipated (less than once a week) and 80% of us go less than once a day without stimulation (coffee, usually). 

In fact, poor digestive health is an epidemic, and 70 Millions of Americans have digestive issues. 

Yes, emotions and past traumas have an impact… We clean this up during The Body Love Journey during Week 1. Cognitive re-framing and forgiveness are essential to let go of the past. Try this simple and powerful Hawaiian prayer called Ho’oponopono to ease the process. 

Then, we need to openly talk about pooping, and get comfortable with it! It's vital to our health. Even Beyonce and the Queen poops, so do you, Goddesses! 

How often should we go? More than once for every meal eaten... I go 5 times a day! Yup, and it's key to feeling in my flow. 

Being ashamed of our vital functions prevents healthy elimination of “what doesn’t serve us anymore”. This “extra weight” is often enough old poop stuck in the colon. As in, 20 pounds of it!!! 

We also need to RELAX. Being tensed, in fear and holding on to past traumas blocks our digestive system, it freezes it thinking we'll need the energy and our fat to face an imminent threat, like a tiger in the jungle. But there's no real threat, and there's wayyy too much food. 

Finally, let's optimize our time on our throne: 

1. Improve your position by squatting to free your anal canal to release all feces. Most of the world still squats for their bowel movement, but the way some of us sit square on the porcelain blocks the anal canal, which leads to constipation, and a bigger stomach.

Bring your knees close to your torso, relax your organs and let it go… To make it easier, place wooden blocks under your feet or just use the waste basket. We’ll show you how during the Body Love Journey. That’s how you get really clean!

2. Make it a ceremony: As it moves through your colon and meets your anal canal, and as it gets out, visualize fears, doubts, and traumas leaving your body. 

If you feel like you need more support here, join us for our virtual retreat starting on September 20th. We'll cover deep detox, fasting, liver flush, the importance of nutrition, etc. 

Happy Bowel Movement, Goddess :)

Aude xo

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