How to Bless Your Food & Ease Emotional Eating

As a kid, I used to eat so slooowly... I'd be the last one still at the table. I sang with each bite, I made art with my food. I had no sense of "addiction" or anxiety when it came to eating.

It all changed when I moved to the United States and lived with my Italian boyfriend who basically inhaled food, which sped up my pace. It really felt like a race, ugh... 

Plus, my soul-sucking consulting job brought me to always eat out, huge portions of empty foods. I'd work while eating, watching my phone and television, always faster, mindlessly, just to save time and numb my emotions.

Perhaps you can relate, but I hope you can't! ;) 

This fast, mindless eating congested my digestive system and turned the beautiful act of eating into one that felt like an addiction.

Thankfully, I moved to Bali, and things started to change...:

I was in awe watching my spiritual friends hold hands or praying before each meal. The idea of blessing my food felt like just another trendy, new-

The idea of blessing my food felt like just another trendy, new-agy thing to do... until I did it, until I felt the magic. It changed everything.

It brought in a sense of calm, of sacredness, beautiful feelings of peace and gratitude to begin the sensual act of eating, which are great to prepare our digestive system. Every blessing, every "pre-meal prayer" feels like a mini meditation. 

Every blessing, every "pre-meal prayer" feels like a mini meditation, a re-connection to Source, the ultimate provider of "energy", beyond the food we consume. 

Instead of eating fast with a sense of shame or eating like there's "not enough" food, i.e. a scarcity mindset, I'm now eating with an abundant, loving approach. I'm changing my frequency and relationship with food by showing it deep appreciation and by eating mindfully.

It turns every meal into a gift and it helps us re-connect with the food itself, tasting the subtleties of every bite.

By expressing our appreciation for food, it brings in more abundance into our lives. That's how the Law of Attraction works. 

Here's a polished version of the prayer I say, with changes based on how I feel, who I'm with or what I'm eating. Try it and see how the tastes and feelings change:

Thank you Mother Earth for this beautiful meal you birthed, naturally. May my body reflect the beauty that is before my eyes.

Thank you Father Sun for growing this nourishing food, thank you to the clean water and powerful minerals for coming together in this miracle of life.

Thank you to every hard-working heart who picked the food from the Source, who prepared it with love to bring it all together in this symphony for the senses. 

May it fuel me with the vibrancy I need to better serve others and raise my frequency to the one of Love, the one of the Source, and restore our connection to all, with gratitude and compassion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

*hands to forehead, moments to breathe, see your food, and you may begin eating when it feels good

Blessings to YOU for trying it, and please share your own prayers and experiences with food blessing below.

May we have the pleasure to share a meal one day... 

Aude <3

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