Grow Your Hair 2.5X Faster with Lunar Hair Care

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2017

Today, my friend will cut my hair, and not because it's been a long time or I feel like changing style, nope.

This time, we're doing Lunar Hair Care, flowing with the Moon's powerful influence in our lives. We'll cut an 1/8 of an inch and let nature do its magic.

As I've been switching to a raw vegan diet, my nutrients upgrade led to a big detox, or what is called a "healing crisis". My body is letting go of the weak to make room for my new.

I've been losing hair and, in order to assist my body's detox process, we've gotten the starter packages from Moroccan Method - they're truly amazing products, all raw, edible, and paleo, and formulated by the Hair Shaman himself, Anthony Morocco, who's dedicated his life to natural health care. He's truly brilliant and holds very advanced wisdom regarding hair care.

We've seen big changes in our hair's texture in just a month of using them. Beyond using the best ingredients, they also account for the energy of the moon to better our mane: 

They have an entire section dedicated to Lunar Hair Care with a chart you can see here. 

You can choose the best day to cut your hair based on your desire: do you want more volume, strength, length?

You can also look up days to slow down hair growth, ideal days to shave your beautiful legs... 

So, how much of an impact can lunar hair care have?

It can increase your results by 2-2.5X... For example, if your hair usually grows 2-3" per year, following the Lunar influences could bring it up to 4-6" per year... Amazing! 

I'm excited to see the results... Grow your etheric antennas the natural way, and check out their Lunar Hair Care guide.


Aude xo 

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