Grow Your Hair 2.5X Faster with Lunar Hair Care

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2017

Today, my friend will cut my hair, and not because it's been a long time or I feel like changing style, nope.

This time, we're doing Lunar Hair Care, flowing with the Moon's powerful influence in our lives. We'll cut an 1/8 of an inch and let nature do its magic.

As I've been switching to a raw vegan diet, my nutrients upgrade led to a big detox, or what is called a "healing crisis". My body is letting go of the weak to make room for my new.

I've been losing hair and, in order to assist my body's detox process, we've gotten the starter packages from Moroccan Method - they're truly amazing products, all raw, edible, and paleo, and formulated by the Hair Shaman himself, Anthony Morocco, who's dedicated his life to natural health care. He's truly brilliant and holds very advanced wisdom regarding hair care.

We've seen big changes in our hair's texture in just a month of using them. Beyond using the best ingredients, they also account for the energy of the moon to better our...

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The Truth About Tampons & Healthy Alternatives

beauty health ritual Jul 30, 2017

Hi Goddesses,

It is time to talk about how we take care of our yoni every month during our moon, i.e. period. 

We can’t imagine how toxic can be pad or tampon to our body until we truly experience their damage like the TSS (toxic shock syndrome), where women are cut from their divine nature because of the use of those highly chemical toxic products, which are protected by the governmental law, as they do not need to specify the ingredient list.

Have you ever seen the ingredients list on a pad box? Perhaps you haven't, so let me show it to you now, because you deserve to know what goes in your body:

·      Dioxin

·      Genetically modified organisms

·      Pesticides

·      The equivalent of about four plastic bags

·      Synthetic fibers

·      Petrochemical additives...

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How to Support Your Inner Flow & Digestion

beauty health Jul 27, 2017

The most powerful and accessible detox process is our very own digestion. Our intelligent body works for us 24/7, which in itself is a gift. It works as hard as it can, however much trouble we cause it... 

Here's a hard truth to stomach: 27% of women are highly constipated (less than once a week) and 80% of us go less than once a day without stimulation (coffee, usually). 

In fact, poor digestive health is an epidemic, and 70 Millions of Americans have digestive issues. 

Yes, emotions and past traumas have an impact… We clean this up during The Body Love Journey during Week 1. Cognitive re-framing and forgiveness are essential to let go of the past. Try this simple and powerful Hawaiian prayer called Ho’oponopono to ease the process. 

Then, we need to openly talk about pooping, and get comfortable with it! It's vital to our health. Even Beyonce and the Queen poops, so do you, Goddesses! 

How often should we go? More than once for every meal...

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How to Bless Your Food & Ease Emotional Eating

As a kid, I used to eat so slooowly... I'd be the last one still at the table. I sang with each bite, I made art with my food. I had no sense of "addiction" or anxiety when it came to eating.

It all changed when I moved to the United States and lived with my Italian boyfriend who basically inhaled food, which sped up my pace. It really felt like a race, ugh... 

Plus, my soul-sucking consulting job brought me to always eat out, huge portions of empty foods. I'd work while eating, watching my phone and television, always faster, mindlessly, just to save time and numb my emotions.

Perhaps you can relate, but I hope you can't! ;) 

This fast, mindless eating congested my digestive system and turned the beautiful act of eating into one that felt like an addiction.

Thankfully, I moved to Bali, and things started to change...:

I was in awe watching my spiritual friends hold hands or praying before each meal. The idea of blessing my food felt like just another trendy, new-

The idea...

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It's time to let this weight go, with love...

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